Environmental and Social Responsibility

As citizens who are responsible for their social situation, this form of social responsibility awareness is usually reflected in social activities that are rooted in the needs of the community.

Sometimes our community needs to be motivated to be willing to make good use of its natural resources. The motivation aims to open up new perspectives on what can be utilized from the surrounding environment. Such as the utilization of plastic waste so that it becomes a useful material for daily needs. It is also possible if people living around forests are encouraged to use non-timber and timber forest resources.

If the community needs to improve its standard of living, then create activities that encourage an increase in the standard of living that is stimulating them to be creative. Certainly, creativity to develop their own business that is related to generating income for their livelihood.

At present, strengthening the business vision of the community needs certain reinforcement. Following are among requirements that the people need to strengthen themselves:

Family’s background

This background is very influential on the ability and willingness of those struggling to do business. A person who is usually surrounded by a family that intervenes a lot in any aspect of life will make the person less creative and less resistant in facing business competition around them.

Motivation to be independent

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