Indonesia Agritech Report 2020: Startups, Investors and Outlook

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest agricultural producers, but even it is struggling to produce enough food to feed its 260 million people. Local farming has witnessed years of slow decline, as poor yields and falling income drive more and more people to abandon the land. In recent years, however, agriculture in Indonesia has attracted renewed interest, thanks to startups that are proving to be a pivotal force in transforming the sector.

In this research report, we take a close look at the local startups that are using technology to address the deep-rooted challenges weighing on the farming sector, the investors backing them and the outlook of Indonesian agriculture technology. These young companies help Indonesian farmers improve productivity and cope with climate change, as well as access direct buyers – all serving to pull rural communities out of the poverty trap. In turn, farming and food production can grow more sustainably, and beneficially so, as a core pillar of Indonesian economy and society.

Published March 31, 2020

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