Lessons from 2019 Indonesia Election

I like to have lessons from 2019 Election that was held previously. As a start to understand governance system where candidates of president were contested to prove their ideas prior to action.

The day after national election is relieving. Most people say that they want to end up our national election with peace and a smooth process for our democratic purposes. We are realizing that long process and complex during campaign and preparation for 17 Apr 2019 Election was exhaustive.

It spent a lot of energy to debate, prepared the best thing to present to the people and indicated realistic pledges for another five-year governance under new president.

Even the “remnants” of election spirits are still on my thought, but at least we hope continuing our activities with more spirits and positive attitude to contribute to a new paradigm and ideas in the atmosphere of this democratic nations. Lessons learned from this election, is about consistency of work.

We indicate that some parties worked abruptly that they work whenever the date of election got closer to the election day. However our communities need to be convinced and got clearer idea what programs the parties want to introduce. Both candidates, were having value added that should be respected. One candidate was more pragmatic, realistic and low profile. Another candidate seemed to be patriotic, influencing some respected groups including unusual parties that were very confidence to govern this nation with specific rules based on respective religion. In summary they had positive and negative points we could be listing during this lessons learned point.

I personally have no objection if one of those candidates finally gets a seat on to presidency position. Believing that both are having positive sides that could be raised as spirit to admit both of them.

However, the change of government system should be anticipated if another character of the “new president” starts to govern this nation. We have problem with the basic rules and governance system when a new leader comes into this governmental setting.

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