International Forestry Students Association LC IPB


IFSA has been developed as an institution or forum for Forestry Students, one of IFSA’s goal is to develop themselves and broaden horizons for its activists to:

  1. Deepen Forestry Knowledge independently without limitation of space and territory across the world
  2. Expanding insight into the way of thinking and acting in organizational development and organizational ethics for embodying strong individuals and inspiring Forestry Students in career development in the forestry sector particularly and environmental knowledge management.

Being actively involved in IFSA is actually a valuable experience to discover the nature of organizing itself.

” Innovation is “creativity applied to the problem and we can measure the output.” ( Bill Burnett, Executive Director Design Program , Stanford). To Innovate does not necessarily mean to expand: very often it means to simplify ( M. Russel Ballard).”

Organizational Ethics

In relation to the development of organizational ethics, IFSA ‘s goal is aimed at a forum for developing the insights of its activists in strengthening the spirit of leadership, encouraging individuals to work more independently, and having a strong desire to contribute significantly to forestry development in Indonesia.

In its journey to date, IFSA LC IPB has developed many organizations. The various activities carried out to provide sufficient experience for the IFSA activists to always innovate and inspire other students.

International Forestry Students Symposium

The following are information about IFSA LC IPB activities from generation to generation.

International Forestry Students Association Local Committee IPB was established in 1990.

1991 The 19th IFSS – Wageningen University, The Netherland

1992 The 20nd IFSS – Padova, Italia

1993 The 21st IFSS – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1994 The 22nd IFSS – Zurich Switzerland

1995 the 23rd IFSS – Helsinski Finland

1996 The 24th IFSS – Melbourne – Australia

1997 The 25th IFSS – South Africa