Review on this News: KPHP Meratus Campaigns for Forest and Forest Land Prevention to Residents in IKN Area


Penulis : Edy Suratman | Editor : Roy MS

Sepaku, – The Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) of the Meratus Production Forest Management Unit (KPHP) campaigned for the prevention of forest and land fires (Karhutla) in the vicinity of the National Capital region, Bukit Raya Village, Sepaku, North Penajam Paser. The campaign which took place at Taruna Field, Bukit Raya Village on Sunday (02/09/2020) was arranged in a variety of activities, ranging from socialization, relaxing walks, healthy gymnastics and closed with a simulation of forest and land fire prevention.

Through this activity, the Head of the Meratus KPHP UPTD, Hazairin Fahmi wants a fire-conscious community to be realized. Therefore, it is not just conveying socialization, activities are also carried out in a healthy way so that it is hoped that it will bring it closer to the community at the same time. “In addition to conducting socialization to the community through government, we are trying to innovate a campaign to prevent forest and land fires by leisurely walking to be closer to the community, so that people who are concerned about fire grow,” he explained during the activity.

Rangkaian kegiatan kampanye pencegahan karhutla yang digelar UPTD KPHP Meratus disambut antusias warga Desa Bukit Raya, Bumi Harapan, Suka Raja dan Tengin Baru.

The forestry prevention campaign that was held by the UPTD KPHP Meratus did get attention and the appreciation of the East Kalimantan Provincial Forestry Service. Acting Head (Acting) Head of the Forest Protection and Natural Resources Conservation Division of the East Kalimantan Province Forestry Office, Shahar Al Haaq who was also present at the event believed that such an activity would be effective in raising public awareness. “Mixing a campaign like this is very interesting in the community, with the hope that public awareness will arise about forest and land fires,” said Shahar.

Pemenang undian doorprize jalan sehat kampanye pencegahan karhutla yang digelar UPTD KPHP Meratus meraih hadiah uang tunai jutaan Rupiah.

The activity began with a healthy walk followed by healthy exercise. Then, a simulation of forest and land fire mitigation was conducted simultaneously with the drawing of a door prize for a healthy walk, starting from a mountain bike, millions of rupiah in cash. This activity also attracted high enthusiasm from the residents of Bukit Raya Village, Bumi Harapan, Suka Raja, and Tengin Baru.

This activity is also intended as a preparation to welcome the transfer of the National Capital to the region.