Important to be paid attention

One of my experiences interacting with one of the institutions that are less pleasant. The agency personnel treats potential partners less favorably. First, the lack of clarification. when informing what details are included and further clarification.

Then when inviting discussion, a number of times changed the hours of discussion which at that time was thankful it could still be tolerated with regard to time.

For example, when it was reportedly awaited, it turned out that the program being proposed had suddenly been transferred to another region. So the proposal that we are compiling is no longer valid.

One of the seniors also lacked respect because after holding the discussion as if he was asking to hurry and leave quickly because there was a reason for the next meeting.

The senior had also sent invitations some time ago and forgot to include the list of invited people so that it was impressively unprofessional and did not appreciate the goodwill of those invited.

New notifications made after being asked. The reason for being busy meeting and notification was made after being pushed to what extent the development of the proposal that we submitted.


Priority in actively interacting with stakeholders by respecting good relations and responding to needs

We aim to provide comfort in communication.

These Lessons learned to provide valuable experiences that make us have to stay enthusiastic, positive thinking in dealing with situations like this (who do not appreciate the effort).