Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Maritime Investment Coordination Meeting

Attended the Maritime and Investment Coordination Meeting related to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Strategic Program 2020-2024.

The meeting was chaired by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Mr. Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan.

In the meeting, there were discussed among them about the strategic objectives, policy direction, operational policies and progress in 2020-2024. Then also discussed the LHK in the 2020-2024 RPJM.

For 2020 the KLHK’s work priorities include:

  1. Strengthening the national economy, investment, and exports through deregulation of constraining permits, providing incentives and legal certainty.
  2. Poverty alleviation through Social Forestry, TORA, and business assistance to community groups and independent forest farmer groups.
  3. Improving the quality of the environment and forestry through Watershed rehabilitation, protection, and security of families, pollution control, waste management, law enforcement, forestry prevention, and peatland restoration.
  4. Infrastructure development is immediately felt by the community.
  5. Strengthening vocational education to produce human resources who are ready to work.
  6. Strengthening programs that absorb large numbers of community workers.

Together, we are working to realize progressive Indonesia! 🇮🇩

LHK Minister Siti Nurbaya

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