Self-control to achieve goals

Self-management is the main object for healing and implementing good governance in resources management. It begins with the ability to control themselves; self-management will have implications for the management of the environment surround.

Many things happen around us with management failures because we don’t start with ourselves. The essence of self-control to achieve goals is to try to see the ability to control self-monitoring which is then applied to the community.

If we get used to managing an activity with determination and willpower and high discipline, of course, the activity will be carried out as well as possible. The experience of farmers in managing their farms is based on discipline, willingness, and habits that are continuously nurtured to realize their ideals of producing agricultural products that benefit many people.

Before talking about many things, we actually need to see ourselves to what extent we as humans can manage ourselves. This is important because the mechanism of self-control will affect how we treat others.

Before managing the resources around us with the ability to be self-management, then we will recognize our strengths, opportunities, and challenges in getting to know the conditions around us.

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