A simple management

Natural resource management carried out by the traditional community is somehow developed as simple as possible. The traditional community adheres to simplicity in resource management because they are not pressured to produce massively. They only meet basic needs and secondary and tertiary needs are not the main thing in their lives.

Local people mostly meet their daily needs based on their real daily demands. This simplicity is reflected in the management procedures that do not exploit their livelihoods massively and they fulfill their needs adequately.

Simple management of natural resources is sometimes unacceptable to the current economic model that spurs production beyond production capacity itself. The more human population who wants to enjoy natural resources, the more production agents will take advantage of this demand by spurring excessive economic growth. Yet for example:

  1. Management capacity still does not meet the standards of management for continuous production at the global level.
  2. Natural resource management, especially forests and their derivatives, is sometimes translated in a very impractical level, by uncovering theories that are not necessarily realized on an empirical and effective basis.
  3. The discourse on sustainable management of natural resources has now been elaborated in a simple and easy to understand way for users so that it can be implemented well.

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