Is Forest Certification beneficial for small businesses?

Certification for small-scale entrepreneurs seems important, but costs are significant.

The striking thing related to the cost of certification is very influential on the enthusiasm of small and medium scale entrepreneurs to join this certification program.

n the midst of the need to meet requirements of government regulations that require management units to adhere to most recent regulations, the ability of the government to embrace those who are just starting to do business [small and medium scale] and open an adequate market access is important.

Forest certification is inseparable from market recognition. The current market, especially the international community, requires recognition from other parties as well as trusted auditors or evaluators who value a particular forest management unit. Even so, applied to small and medium scale businesses they can not be separated from the assessment effort.

Often we face various kinds of certification issues. The implementation of small-scale certification is an obstacle because the usually small scale and medium scale businesses are reluctant to meet the needs of certification.

On the one hand must face and comply with government regulations related to legality, on the other hand, legality matters sometimes have to be dealt with in a considerable amount of time. Small-scale forestry entrepreneurs may only think of fulfilling short and medium terms. Especially prioritizing the fulfillment of wood supply and demand to return their capital.

After everything is achieved they are reluctant to expand the scope of their business and expand their business capital. Why they are reluctant?

Why? Because certification requires certifiers who need to travel and assess the small scale business. Among the pulses of medium and small scale forest exploitation that is not small, coupled with certification increasingly makes forest concessions add to the list of obligations if they want to get a profit margin from the concession. Many small-scale entrepreneurs in the Wood Industry still struggle to provide supplies.

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