thousands of farmers of Social Forestry to give ultimatum on KLHK

Thousands of Social Forestry farmers are members of Gema PS, during an audience with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Photo: Indonesia News Thousands of Social Forestry Farmers Give KLHK Ultimatum, Here Is It! Editor in Indonesia News Aug 1, 2019 Share IBC, JAKARTA

Thousands of farmers who named themselves the Indonesian Community Social Forestry Movement (Gema PS) came to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) on Thursday (1/8/2019). The farmer from East Java (East Java), Central Java (Central Java) and West Java (West Java) intends to question KLHK’s commitment to accelerating the Social Forestry program launched by President Jokowi with the spirit of Nawacita through LHK Permen Number 39 of 2017. Secretary General DPP Gema PS, M. Hanafiah Ainun said, this hearing was conducted as a form of ultimatum for KLHK so that they would not be halfhearted in carrying out the mandate of Nawacita from President Jokowi. “This is an ultimatum and a reminder from us to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. We feel that KLHK is like overriding all submission processes, especially the application for the IPHPS Scheme from Gapoktan / KTH / LMDH, “he said. Hanafi continued, as many as 56 IPHPS submissions that they (Gema PS-red) pushed until now have not been verified. On the other hand, the fate of farmers has been exacerbated because KLHK tends to accommodate the proposal of P81 concerning Food Security Permit for the management of the company. This is considered as evidence that KLHK is abandoning farmers. “There is a period of waiting for verification which has been 23 months. While companions and farmers in the field continue to face resistance, intimidation, and acts of thuggery from Perum Perhutani individuals. Whereas the purpose of the IPHPS Social Forestry Scheme is for economic equality and resolving forest conflicts. If this means that it is all a mere figment, in fact new companies emerge, new conflicts and economic equality are far from the fire, “said Hanafi KLHK Giving Promises Related to this, KLHK through the Secretary of the Directorate General of Forestry and Environmental Planning, Kustanta Budi Prihatno and Director of the Preparation of Social Forestry Areas, Erna Rosdiana, promised to immediately resolve the issue currently being faced by Social Forestry farmers at this time. “We will speed up object verification. What overlaps with P81 in Bojonegoro and Lamongan, will be mediated with the company. “The map of land cover that is too small will be reviewed and mediated again,” Kustanta said. Kustanta also mentioned, related to the practice of land leasing by certain individuals, extortion and others, there would be initiatives for internal meetings between directorates involving the Directorate General of Gakkum. In the same place Erna Rosdiana added, in principle SK SKHPS is a legal product that is legal and must be obeyed by all parties. If there is an overlapping IPHPS location with the Kulin KK proposal, it will be mediated and SK Kulin will not be published at the proposed IPHPS location without mediation. “We will record all reports of special cases of extortion, leasing of land and others for consideration and we speed up verification,” he repeated. Social Forestry Farmers Ultimatum After the audience agenda, the chairman of the Indonesian Gema PS DPP Siti Fikriyah to Indonesia News reiterated that in principle the Social Forestry program launched by President Jokowi was a form of pro-people policy. It’s just that, in the implementation found a lot of resistance from a number of certain elements. Regarding KLHK’s promise, it will continue to carry out escort until it is realized and felt by forest farmers. “If one month there is still resistance below, there will still be Kulin verification at the proposed IPHPS location and at the location that has already issued a decree, if there are still activities to obstruct the implementation of the IPHPS decree and others, we will return the decree to President Joko Widodo, because “The decree submitted by the president is not respected by individuals and certain officials,” said Fikriyah. Representing the farmers, he sincerely hopes that President Jokowi will immediately encourage the acceleration of the Social Forestry program. Author: M.A Safar Editor: YES

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