Being a “Crazy people” who influence positively

Being a “crazy person” who has an influence on government in a positive sense is very possible. This means that “crazy people” are able to provide positive input and role in finding solutions to problems of statehood.

Studying such as from Thomas Alfa Edison who was considered a “crazy person” and was diligent and steadfast in his efforts, he was considered a failure and he were “bullied” by residents because his will was beyond the limits of common people’s abilities.

He experimented for the experiment with hard work and high patience. Not a few also need substantial costs – at least for the size of teenagers at that time. But all of that is not a barrier. Thomas then worked as a newspaper and candy deliveryman on a train in the city of Port Huron and Detroit. He also built a small laboratory on one of the train cars so that he could continue to carry out various experiments or just read literature. Of course he did it with the permission of the railway company, the Grand Trunk Railway.

In 1861, a civil war broke out between the northern and southern states. Thomas then had the idea to publish the first newspaper on the train which was used to meet the needs of people for information. He bought an old printing press for US $ 12, and made his own newspaper called the Weekly Herald. The newspaper sold well, he pocketed US $ 400 a day.

Seven years passed, Thomas Alva Edison, who was almost deaf due to an accident, got a job as a telegraph operator in Boston. Some of the time is still spent doing various studies. In 1868, he discovered an electric intercom system which was later registered to obtain his first patent. Unfortunately, the tool is not sold.

From here Thomas also learned to make a commercial discovery. He developed a stock ticker and produced US $ 40,000. This money was then used to build companies and laboratories in Menlo Park, New Jersey. This is where the sources of various inventions of Thomas were born, including phonographs in 1877. [source ]

Finally the power of this effort is successful and produces works that are beneficial to mankind.

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