Woman in Climate Change

Women plays important roles in climate change. Considering the roles of woman in resources management, the most affected person in charge will be the group of women. They are affected by the decision of natural resources management but they don’t have rights enough to voice what they are facing about.

Many decisions related to resources management especially in forestry sector did not involve the woman group. This sector seems to have been owned by Male. In fact the women groups are the most affected groups in resources management.

Pojok Iklim [climate corner] invited 3 woman representative from various sector to address the issue of woman participation in climate change.
Based on the representative of UKM – Usaha Kecil dan Menengah, it is a big challenge to pre financing the work of woman groups. Woman face many challenges when beginning to do business in terms of continuation of supply, consistency in production, financial supports and policical will.

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