Rumah Zakat Foundation

When a disaster occurs, the need for food to become an emergency must be fulfilled. At the location of the disaster evacuation, thousands of people allow food shortages due to uneven distribution of aid. This could be because the availability of food in the area is not yet stable.

The existence of disaster emergency food becomes a necessity. By providing food reserves that can be easily distributed to food insecure locations is a much needed solution and effort.

For this reason, Rumah Zakat strives to attend the Nusantara Food Alert program, a food solution for disaster-affected victims.

Let’s help our brothers and sisters, affected victims! Whatever our help will be very meaningful and can reduce the incidence of more victims.

Donation Account:
Mandiri 132000 481 974 5
BCA 094 301 6001
BNI Syariah 155 555 5589
a. Rumah Zakat Indonesia Foundation

SMS Donation Confirmation / WA 0815-7300-1555
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