Role Model of New Paradigm of Development

We must realize, we must be aware of all that we now live in a very dynamic global environment! Global phenomena that we know, are full of change, full of speed, full of risk, full of complexity, and full of surprises, which are often far from our calculations, often far from our calculations.

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum showed the world through its Global Risks Report that extreme weather, the failure of mitigation and adaptation to climate change, natural disasters, water crises, the collapse of biodiversity and ecosystems, and environmental disasters caused by human activities are the biggest risk we are facing. In the right quadrant of the risk matrix they make, there are only other risks: cyber-attacks. The various risks that we previously thought were only related to the environment, in fact have ruined our social and economic life.

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Therefore, we must look for a new model, a new way, new values ​​in finding solutions to every problem with innovations. And we all have to be willing and we will force them to want to. We must leave old ways, old patterns, both in managing the organization, both in managing institutions, and in managing the government. Which is already ineffective, we make it effective! Which is already inefficient, we make it efficient!

Solution. Innovation. Effective. Efficient. Those are the four most important keywords to face a rapidly changing world. However, all the innovative solutions we need must simultaneously make this nation able to answer the various risks and challenges identified by the World Economic Forum. We want to move forward, but to move forward we have to survive. What is called effective is that if we do it, it will make our economy prosper, make our society more fun, and our environment will be healthier. ficiency must also be weighed in the same way.

Management like this is what we need now. We must go to a more productive country, which has competitiveness, which has high flexibility in dealing with those changes. Therefore, we prepare big stages.

My first government, together with Mr. Jusuf Kalla (2014-2019), has laid the foundations for it. We ensure the environment is maintained, with a forest moratorium and various other efforts. The policy that requires a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for our spatial layout is signed. We have pressed for poverty, as well as inequality. Our Gini Ratio has proven to continue to improve. Our economy has not run as fast as we expected, but we are clearly far superior to many other countries that have been struggling, not yet fully out of the crisis. To continue, we will do the following in 2019-2024.

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