Consideration in Resources Management

When we enter to natural resources management, it is important to consider quickly on how to maintain the resources as sustainably managed as possible. Sustainability is the key factor amidst the situation we face now where the pressure of population on land is quite high. Higher pressure on land, higher pressure on resources management. Especially on forests and environment and other natural resources.

Regarding issue of policy from the government, resources manager would need to adapt and adopt to the current existing rules and roles.

Pak Jokowi, the President of Republic of Indonesia repeatedly asked about the implementation of the Presidential Decree and the ISPO [Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil] Presidential Regulation. There was a letter directed from the President, but it was not ethical to reveal the letter and be delivered publicly.

At present, with protests and viral media related to the deputy Kemenko’s letter to the businessman, who is happy with the businessmen 😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 … they can not be obliged to submit data and info regarding their HGU and IUP … … because the letter was protested by NGOs.

Currently, tracing who is spreading Government letters to entrepreneurs … (may be the entrepreneurs themselves who borrow hands to spread)

One thing is that the moratorium on oil palm permits and existing oil palm evaluations is an improvement that is detrimental to employers … from reconciling land cover data, if overlaid with HGU and IUP data, illegal expansions of naughty plantations will be seen … in the field it will be seen.

By way of the reaction like now (which is frenzied until it widens, and asks the ministry to withdraw the letter) then they (the entrepreneurs) will be free from the obligation to provide data and actual info …
(If this letter is revoked, I will send letters and bouquets of CONGRATULATIONS to GAPKI and employers

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