Winning Mentality

One of chief president contestant in one moment pledged to provide a space for 15 millions employment on the opportunity to work in this nation. Yet we know a vast range of jobs across this nation, but certain qualification and competitive advantage are also needed for consideration. This affect the situation and what a pre condition need to be created to provide this opportunity of employment.

As a front liner, winning mentality is a must. Being brave and confident when delivering important message to the stakeholders. It is not just that. The people with equipment of persistent and striving spirits will have the opportunity to maintain their life alive.

Yes, supports from the government, the owner of nation’s policy in employment is necessary.

Therefore most of the people here are within the scope of “easy” mentality. They don’t like to do out of the box thing. However mentality of staying in the circle of safety zone, has created something bad on their creativity.

what you think to overcome the situation of unemployment if we see the above mentioned mentality, living in a safer zone without feel challenged to exit from the comfort zone stay in the blood.

Farmers are the front line of what they have harvested. Farmers should face the intermediary trader to get the access to the market. In many cases, the access to the market is rarely developed by farmers themselves. The farmers should get assistance for marketing their products.

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