Post Election: what should we do?

Post election 2019, we should do wait patiently on the final result of formal counting by the legitimate election institution. What we learn from this waiting process is to

(1) develop positive discourses among civil society and other groups

(2) Thinking for better contribution of ideas to this national development. As for example by strengthening the information of natural resources management, and its characteristic. It is quite often that complicated information could lead to error treatment in doing the improvement of management.

(3) Keep contributing to natural resources development and strengthen the existing governing system to understand on this unique governance.

Positive Discourses

The development in Indonesia has been contributing to the thoughts of society and actions in this nation. However society members themselves have been experiencing many things in facing the growth of technology and they are still immature when encountering the situation of complexity of domestic politic.

While the attitude and behavior of our community has been nurtured to grow up, inputs to craft positive attitude and behavior should be in line with the spirit of positivity. Academic and non academic learning process are directed to create the spirit of development for more positive behavior as much as possible.

We begin to craft our new spirits and paradigm particularly on how to cure nation’s problems among different background, ethnicity, beliefs and anything that hinder the nation to move forward. As part of Indonesia Nation, we use our time to maintain positive attitude to participate in the national development.

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