The Natural Resource Development Center (NRDC) Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by a Group of environmental and forestry practitioners in 2002 with a mission to play an active role through increasing the capacity of the parties in sustainable natural resource management.

NRDC foundation is based on the growing philosophy that natural resources must be utilized for aiming at embodying greatest prosperity of the people while also considers conserving of environmental functions so that natural resources always have a double role functions, which seems to be a paradox to implement practically but each component need to be realized and promoted together. ,As a capital of economic growth (resource based economy) and at the same time as a life support system.

Good Governance Support

One of NRDC key aspect is to address A Good Governance practices in the region.

Therefore the concept of Good Governance itself covers aspects of Sustainable Development in planning, implementation and monitoring and post activities in an area. This includes law enforcement in the areas being affected by development.

In the process of achieving goal of “Good Governance” It is necessary to address

  1. Stakeholders commitment to an effective area management and law enforcement,
  2. Integrated strategic management plan, and
  3. Awareness on sustainable use of resources management [as for example biodiversity and environmental services].